We deal in new & used specialist Christmas tree machinery

We plant, manage and optimise trees from plant to sale.

Specialist Christmas Tree Contractors … And More!

Growing and selling Christmas trees can be profitable if (and it’s an important ‘if’) done the right way. Our business was set up in 1999 by David Brown who still plays a pivotal role in the industry. Today Festive Forestry is a family business with the next generation following in his footsteps. We help progressive businesses with planting, cultivation, crop management and preparation for sale.

If you need just one service that’s fine, but you may find our help advantageous across the whole process. It works for our customers. Can we tell you more?

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Festive family

We are a family run business with over 30 years experience in growing Christmas trees and helping customers optimise their yields. We have a passion for what we do and are committed to a sustainable future.


Specialist Machinery

We are UK importers for Egedal Christmas tree equipment, this specialist machinery has been serving our customers for 10 years and our dedicated service team ensure we maintain it should you require any servicing or repair work. We’re so confident in the machinery we sell because it’s what we use everyday.

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The efficient way to buy your plants

We supply both UK and Danish grown transplants to our specific standards. Avoid the headaches of importing. We’ll do the admin and deliver to your door.